A full-featured, affordable musical instrument with high-quality sound

Support and service

Two-year guarantee

With MyCello, you’re covered by a 24-month guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for your purchase.

50 years lifetime

MyCello preserves its original characteristics for a remarkable fifty years.


Regular servicing of the instrument will provide you with a guarantee of its long life.

MyCello benefits

Loud for Stage, Quiet for Home Rehearsals

Create Your Own Customized MyCello

Lightweight & Versatile

Fold It Up and Travel the World


Modern & Functional Design

Connect to the Mixing Desk and Record Effortlessly

Affordable Brilliance

Almost unbreakable

Play Before You Pay

We offer you the unique opportunity to try our cellos in the comfort of your own home, risk-free, for a generous 14 days. No obligations, just pure musical delight. To elevate your playing experience, we enhance your MyCello with the best strings available on the market, complemented by an electric combo.

For those always on the go, we’ve got you covered with a special MyCello Backpack or Fabric Case, making travel with your cherished instrument a breeze. Afterward, the rental fee will be based on the specific features you wish to lend to MyCello.

Simone Sitta


MyCello follows me on musical journeys around the world…

Media references


12. 9. 2023

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Beudenbender admired MyCello at the Bürgerfest.


18. 8. 2023

We are participating in the event with the MyCello project at the invitation of the Czech Embassy in Germany; in addition to us, Prusa Research will also present...

22. 7. 2023

We understand that purchasing a cello can be a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. We also know that trying...


19.07.24 - 10:15

🎻✨ Unique design of MyCello, crafted with precision and printed on a 3D printer. Its breathtaking appearance and innovative structure set it apart, making it not just an instrument, but a work of art. Experience the elegance and functionality of MyCello. 🎶#MyCello #UniqueDesign #3DPrinted #StunningLook #InnovativeInstrument #MusicPassion🎻✨ Unikátní design MyCello, vytvořený s přesností a vytištěný na 3D tiskárně. Jeho dechberoucí vzhled a inovativní konstrukce ho odlišují tak, že není jen nástrojem, ale také uměleckým dílem. Zažijte eleganci a funkčnost MyCello. 🎶#MyCello #UnikátníDesign #3DTisk #OhromujícíVzhled #InovativníNástroj #HudebníVášeň ... Zobrazit víceZobrazit méně
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16.07.24 - 7:41

🎻✨ MyCello is my life. Whether it's celebrating joyful moments or finding solace in tough times, MyCello is with me at every turn. It’s my constant companion, bringing music to every occasion in my life. 🎶MyCello, My Life 🌟#MyCello #MyLife #EveryMoment #MusicInMyLife #MusicPassion..🎻✨ MyCello je můj život. Ať už slavím radostné chvíle, nebo hledám útěchu v těžkých časech, MyCello je se mnou na každém kroku. Je to můj stálý společník, který přináší hudbu do každé příležitosti v mém životě. 🎶MyCello, My Life 🌟#MyCello #MyLife #KaždýOkamžik #HudbaVMémŽivotě #HudebníVášeň ... Zobrazit víceZobrazit méně
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