Support and service

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Two-year guarantee

We provide a 24-month guarantee on the purchased instrument.


Regular servicing guarantees a long life for your instrument. We provide you free service for two years.

50 years lifetime

MyCello’s lifetime, the time when the instrument retains its original or near-original properties, is fifty years. This is subject to regular maintenance and   servicing.

Money back guarantee

Your satisfaction matters most. If not delighted with MyCello (though we believe you will be), we guarantee a full refund
within 30 days. Just fill out the
the form.

Durable and Resilient

Concerned about accidental drops? Fear not! MyCello is crafted from high-quality and robust materials, ensuring minimal damage from falls, even from considerable heights. Unlike a wooden cello, MyCello remains almost unscathed.

Witness MyCello’s strength in action – take a look at the crash test and see for yourself!

Unlock the World of MyCello - Your FAQs Answered!

Absolutely! MyCello offers the unique advantage of playing both quietly and loudly, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred option.

Your satisfaction matters most. If MyCello doesn’t meet your expectations, we guarantee a hassle-free refund within 30 days of purchase.

The greatest advantage lies in MyCello’s customizability, tailored to fit the cellist’s hand perfectly. Other benefits include a lower purchase price, effortless disassembly into a compact case (slightly larger than a violin case), and a lighter weight your back will appreciate.

No worries – we’ve got you covered! Your MyCello comes with the necessary cable included.

Absolutely! MyCello can be effortlessly disassembled in our Suitcase, making travel a breeze with just a small piece of luggage that fits in the hand luggage compartment.

Yes, certainly! Simply add your request to the order notes, and we’ll ensure your MyCello arrives ready to play.

Sure! MyCello features a basic equalizer, treble or bass adjustment, and volume control, granting you full control over your sound.

Yes. Visit our showroom in Přerov or indulge in a 14-day trial within the comfort of your own home.