Introducing Simone Sitta – The Proud MyCello Ambassador Living His Artistic Dream!

Simone Sitta

Simone Sitta


Simone Sitta, an Italian cellist, singer, and actor who has cherished the dream of being an artist since childhood. Now, he’s living that dream to the fullest, captivating audiences worldwide with his musical prowess. Get to know Simon Sitta, who is a proud ambassador of MyCello.

Since 2014, Simone Sitta has graced the stage as a cellist in the prestigious orchestra of the Sanremo Italian Music Festival. Alongside renowned guest singers like Elton John, Ricky Martin, Dua Lipa or Måneskin , he brings soul-stirring melodies to life.

Beyond music, Simone Sitta mesmerizes audiences with his presence on television and in theatre. In the winter of 2022/2023 he toured with QUEL CIRQUE! He has performed at major venues in the French Alps such as Cabaret Voulez-Vous and Les Suites Du Montana.

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In the summer of 2022, Simone Sitta enchanted the audience during an extraordinary evening in Taranto, Italy, performing alongside the renowned French singer, Stromae.

Simone Sitta’s musical prowess has graced concerts featuring beloved themes from Warner Bros’ Harry Potter and Disney’s Star Wars, captivating audiences across Italy and beyond. Notably, he stands as the solo cellist in Disney’s inaugural production of the beloved musical, Beauty and the Beast in Italy.

His enduring collaboration with musician Dardust has produced multiple songs and compelling music videos.