MyCello story


Amidst the largest covid lockdown, the world migrated to the online realm, where Ondra Kratochvil, a cello teacher, found himself adapting to this new reality. Teaching from home via computer, he soon realized the limitations of his classical wooden cello. 

Unable to play softly, he sought a solution to harmonize with his neighbors and provide
a peaceful environment for his newborn son.

vývoj mycello

Together with his partner Honza Tobolík, he owns a technological innovative company, where he puts together a team and manages to develop a completely unique musical instrument – MyCello – in a few months.

With an unwavering commitment to perfection, the MyCello team engaged music academies and  professional cellists for valuable insights. Their sole mission was to create the finest electronic cello on the market – a revolutionary instrument that would elevate musicians’ experiences to new heights.

Taking one step closer to their dream, the team launched a remarkable crowdfunding campaign on HITHIT on February 1, 2021, at 12.21 pm. The response was overwhelming, raising over $46, thousand dollars in just 45 days. 1. This enthusiastic support was the driving force behind their pursuit of excellence. The subsequent months were filled with tireless dedication, countless hours in the workshop, and meticulous fine-tuning.

With the guidance of a seasoned musician, the MyCello team poured heart and soul into crafting their “baby” – a musical marvel like no other. Finally, in July 2021, production of the one and only MyCello commenced, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Today, MyCello resonates across borders, captivating cellists in French Polynesia and America. Embrace the brilliance of MyCello and experience the harmonious fusion of artistry and technology firsthand. Unleash your musical potential with MyCello – a symphony of innovation awaits you!